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What are consolidator fares?
Consolidator fares are discount airline tickets purchased by “airline wholesalers” and then resold to travel agencies at substantial discounts (up to 70% off regular fares).

Are they charter flights?
This was true in the “old days.” The truth is the overwhelming majority of consolidator fares are on the same airlines you presently pay full fare for.

What’s the catch?
Consolidator fares are a great deal most of the time. However, airline fare wars and special promotions are sometimes cheaper.

Just like regular airfares, consolidator fares can sell out quickly and may not be available all of the time.

Not all consolidators are alike. The BEST consolidators have direct contracts with the airlines. ALL THE CONSOLIDATORS ON TRAVELHUB HAVE DIRECT CONTRACTS WITH THE AIRLINES.

Cancellation fees may be higher for consolidator tickets. In some cases, up to 50% of the fare price. Consequently, you should not purchase a consolidator fare unless you are sure about your travel plans.

What makes TravelHUB’s consolidator search different from the rest?

TravelHUB has powerful relationships with the most respected consolidators in the travel industry. Our consolidator clients have close relationships with all major air lines, Global Distribution Systems, and large travel agencies. Additionally, you are able to reserve your discounted ticket; immediately while online.

TravelHUB listed agencies must be certified with the Airline Reporting Corporation (or equivalent certification for overseas agencies) and must meet TravelHUB’s customer service requirements before they can be listed in TravelHUB’s directory of agencies.

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