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When Christopher Columbus first set foot in the New World, he did so in
the Bahamas, although the exact island where he landed is still a
matter of debate. (San Salvador is the popular favorite, and a white
cross marks the spot where he supposedly landed.) He didn't stay long,
however, being intent on finding riches that this group of islands
didn't seem to hold.

Perhaps he was looking for the wrong things. These days, travelers are
quite satisfied with the treasures they find in the Bahamas: brilliant
turquoise water, gorgeous sandy beaches, excellent fishing and diving,
and surroundings that range from quaint colonial villages to lovely
secluded coves.

Those making landfall in the islands can choose from several distinct
experiences. Visitors looking for the standard resort amenities should
head to Nassau on New Providence Island or Lucaya on Grand Bahama
Island. Splashy Nassau, the biggest city and main port, is awash in
pink colonial buildings, bustling street markets, upscale chain resorts
(with more to come as Cable Beach redevelops) and great restaurants.
Sister island Paradise Island is home to megaresort Atlantis and its
opulent casino and fabulous water features.

In Freeport and Lucaya, the Bahamas' second-largest port, options
range from frolicking with dolphins to perusing duty-free goods.
Downtown Freeport, however, has been in a slump since the hurricanes
of 2004 and 2005; the Royal Oasis resort complex remains closed and
International Bazaar is almost empty but for a few businesses,
leaving Lucaya as the most viable option for vacationers at present.

Those more interested in deserted beaches, sailing, diving, fishing
and a generally slower pace will want to visit some of the many Out
Islands (also known as the Family Islands), most of which are thinly
populated or uninhabited, yet which offer all manner of activities
plus a chance to experience charming vignettes of Bahamian life.

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  1. Can you please advise what the travel restrictions are for flying to the Bahamas from South Africa?
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