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Fener Mahallesi1987 Sokak Yusuf Bey APT 14/2 Antalya 7100 Turkey Phone: 90 242 324 1219 Cell Phone: 90 542 241 970 Website: http://3adim.com


Antalya, with its beautiful coasts and the fascinating sea color, has turned out to be the favorite spot of meetings, seminars and congress organizations in Turkey.
Since the ancient ages, Antalya has been considered as the capital city of the Mediterranean Civilization.In addition to its historical and natural beauties, today Antalya coasts a variety of accommodation facilities to realize all your activities.
3adim Tourism Co., located at the heart of this number one tourism center, has defined the terms of “fastidiousness and perfection in service” in the industry, since the early 90′s. The 3 Adim arranges suitable presentations, pre and post-tours, indoor and outdoor activities, interior decoration and technical support for your meetings, seminar and congress requirements and intends to completely fulfill your and your guests’ expectations.
Thanks in advance for your concern and co-operation.

Tours in Antalya,Pamukkale-Cotton castle, Cappadocia,Ephesus all in Turkey.Package-daily, Historical-Cultural Tours, Group and individual travel, adventure,youth and student package.

Why use a travel agency?

Do you know that…

  • Airfare prices change daily?
  • That great deal you found on your own today may be old news tomorrow?
  • A difference of one day in departing or arriving dates can save you hundreds?
  • Travel agents often have first-hand experience with the places they recommend?
  • Certified travel agencies have a lot more leverage than individuals when settling disputes with airlines and travel suppliers?

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